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The GWU 2020 Priority Fund

A Clear Vision for Gardner-Webb's Future

This year, the Gardner-Webb family intends to raise $1 Million of unrestricted funds in support of six key areas of the University: students scholarships; high impact learning opportunities such as study abroad; specialized equipment for labs and research; athletic scholarships; performing arts; and Christian service work.

These six areas represent the most important aspects of an education at GWU and these 2020 funds will have an immediate impact on the student experience.

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Scholarships for Students

Scholarships for students – More than 97 percent of students receive some form of scholarship or financial aid.

High impact learning opportunities

High-impact learning opportunities — Internships, mission trips and studies abroad prepare students for careers or graduate school.

State of the art classrooms and lab

State-of-the-art classrooms and labs — GWU students have access to scientific equipment they will use on the job or in the next phase of their education.

Championship-caliber athletic teams

Championship-caliber athletic teams — In addition to the national spotlight on the men’s basketball team, several of the 22 Division I teams on campus have earned regional honors, and student-athletes consistently receive awards for academic achievements.

Performing Arts

Performing arts — Concerts and theatrical productions showcase the talents of our students, and the Distinguished Artist Series brings world-renowned artists to campus.

Christian higher education

Christian higher education — Gardner-Webb is where Christian conviction meets intellectual freedom. Our students are committed to compassionate service through mission trips and community partnerships.

Gardner-Webb is a special place with a special mission, and our future starts right now.

To be successful, we need the loyal support of our alumni, friends, and community/corporate partners. We invite you to help ignite the University’s path to a bright tomorrow by contributing today to the GWU Priority Fund.