The Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Endowed Fund

Photo of Alfred and Shirely Wampler Caudill

Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill in about 1991

The Alfred and Shirley Wampler Caudill Endowed Fund at Gardner-Webb University was started by Dr. Donald W. Caudill, Professor of Marketing, with a $10,000 gift to GWU a few weeks after he was hired in 2008 and was named in memory of Dr. Caudill's father, Alfred Caudill, and in honor of his mother, Shirley Wampler Caudill. Since 2008, Dr. Caudill has donated many tens of thousands of dollars more to the Fund and it is now valued at more than $90,000.

Purpose, Mission, and Vision of the Fund

The purpose, mission, and vision of the Fund is (1) to honor students, faculty, staff, alumni and community stakeholders with awards and (2) to conduct special projects (especially in collaboration and partnership with GWU entities and/or stakeholders) that offer a very high return on investment and that secure the maximum amount of publicity for Dr. Caudill's parents' story and sacrifices. 

About the Caudills

While neither of Dr. Caudill's parents had more than an eighth-grade education, both held higher education in great esteem and made tremendous personal and financial sacrifices so that Dr. Caudill could achieve a bachelor's degree (the first in many generations of his family), two master's degrees, and a Ph.D. Being blessed with successful businesses and a meaningful professional career, Dr. Caudill has been able to fund endowments at various colleges and universities in memory of his father and in honor of his mother.  Alfred Caudill passed away in 1992. Shirley Wampler Caudill currently resides in Virginia and enjoys attending church, reading, baking, frying pies, and gardening.

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