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We want to equip you with the tools for meaningful life and work beyond college. The drop down boxes below share resources and checklists for each stage of your college journey.


Student Resources

Online Learning Lab

Our Online Learning Lab provides content from our most popular workshops in easy to complete modules, accessible to students at any time. Just click on a module link to begin.


EXPLORE your unique design, talents and calling to build your self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, life management skills and intentionality as you discover academic, career and co-curricular opportunities that match your strengths and passions.  The list below is recommended for first-year students.

  • Attend the August Connect Fair to learn about campus organizations and resources, local churches and businesses and more.
  • Develop and implement a personal plan for aligning academic and personal goals based on your Strengthsfinder results from UNIV 111 class.
  • Attend: “Focus: Time Management & Goal Setting” (workshop)
  • Attend: “Make It Happen: Launching Your Ideas Using Design Thinking” (workshop)
  • Attend: “Refining Your Purpose” (workshop) to explore your calling and passions.
  • Visit the Center for Personal & Professional Development to begin accessing our resources and services.
  • Get involved with a campus club and participate in service opportunities that align with your talents and interests.
  • If you tend to lead, attend Five Things Effective Leaders Do (workshop)
  • Explore local church involvement options.
  • Develop a balanced routine that includes healthy nutrition, exercise, recreation and mental health practices.
  • Explore options for part-time employment and/or internships.
  • Find a faculty mentor aligned with your academic major.
  • Join the Top Dawg Spirit & Pride incentive program.


EXPAND your knowledge and skills through developing a balanced student profile including participation in co-curricular, community and professional readiness programming such as active roles in campus organizations, investigating internship opportunities, part-time job, choosing a major aligned with your strengths/purpose, and developing a personal network.The list below is recommended for second-year students.

  • Commit to an active role in at least one campus club.
  • Commit to regular participation in GWU sponsored service opportunities.
  • Attend the “Social Media & the Hiring Process” workshop.
  • Attend the “Networking Now:  You can’t afford to wait!” workshop.
  • Attend the “Intro to Internships: Essentials for getting started” workshop.
  • Attend the “Leading Effective Meetings” workshop.
  • Regularly attend GWU sponsored campus events.
  • Attend the “Highly Effective Teams” workshop.
  • Begin investigating PRE/internship options and narrowing choices.
  • Meet with your faculty mentor at least once per month to continue discussing your talents, purpose, aligned majors and career paths.
  • Actively participate in a local faith community.
  • If possible, work a part-time job and/or internship.
  • Customize your Webb Works profile and explore this tool’s features.
  • Access the Candid Career online portal from the resources section of our website to begin investigating possible career fields.
  • Develop an initial resume.
  • Attend a mock interview session.


ENHANCE your skills, experience and preparation by investigating perspective communities, careers, and job options through networking opportunities, mock interviews, employment tours, professional readiness experiences/internships, career fairs, career prep workshops, resume development, professional image/communication events and serving in campus and community leadership/team roles. The list below is recommended for third-year students.

  • Participate in GWU sponsored professional networking opportunities.
  • Attend the Professional Image Dinner.
  • Attend the “How to Get LinkedIn” workshop.
  • Attend the “Essentials for Developing your Resume” workshop.
  • Attend the “Lead with Emotional Intelligence” workshop.
  • Take on a leadership role in a campus club or service project.
  • Plan/complete PRE or academic internship.
  • Participate in multiple career field investigation events including touring employment settings and informational interviews.
  • Actively investigate career field opportunities to narrow job search options.
  • Create and present professional resume using resources from the Center for Personal & Professional Development.
  • Meet with a staff member for the Center for Personal & Professional Development to discuss your job search preparation.
  • Serve in a leadership role on campus.
  • Investigate/prepare graduate school applications if applicable.
  • Attend Graduate and Professional School Fair.
  • Register for and attend the Metrolina Career Fair in Charlotte, NC.
  • Complete your PRE or academic internship.
  • Attend design thinking and systems thinking workshops.
  • Participate in job shadowing and informational interview opportunities.


EXTEND your personal and professional development into the real world by networking with alumni in perspective communities, application and acceptance to graduate school, developing independent living and healthy work/life balance skills through our Common Sense Series and Workplace Readiness seminars culminating with your application, interviewing, and securing employment in your chosen field.  The list below is recommended for fourth-year students.

  • Apply for jobs in chosen career field.
  • Network with alumni living and working in your perspective communities.
  • Complete your PRE or academic internship.
  • Attend “Reviewing Resumes like an Employer: Polishing & Perfecting” workshop.
  • Interview for positions in chosen career field.
  • Application and acceptance to graduate school if applicable.
  • Attend Common Sense Series workshop on personal finances and budgeting.
  • Equip and empower future leaders to replace you in your current leadership roles.
  • Join the Gardner-Webb University Alumni Association.
  • Attend the “Grad School 101: Applications, Tests, and Essays” workshop.
  • Attend the “Financial Aid 101: Paying for Grad School” workshop.
  • Register for and attend the Metrolina Career Fair in Charlotte, NC.
  • Attend the “Acing the Interview: Prepping for an Interview” workshop.
  • Polish your interviewing skills by participating in our Mock Interview
  • Attend the “What Every Employer Looks for in a New Hire” workshop.