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EXPLORE your unique design, talents and calling to build your self-awareness, intrinsic motivation, life management skills and intentionality as you discover academic, career and co-curricular opportunities that match your strengths and passions.  The list below is recommended for first-year students.

  • Attend the August Connect Fair to learn about campus organizations and resources, local churches and businesses and more.
  • Develop and implement a personal plan for aligning academic and personal goals based on your Strengthsfinder results from UNIV 111 class.
  • Attend: “Focus: Time Management & Goal Setting” (workshop)
  • Attend: “Make It Happen: Launching Your Ideas Using Design Thinking” (workshop)
  • Attend: “Refining Your Purpose” (workshop) to explore your calling and passions.
  • Visit the Center for Personal & Professional Development to begin accessing our resources and services.
  • Get involved with a campus club and participate in service opportunities that align with your talents and interests.
  • If you tend to lead, attend Five Things Effective Leaders Do (workshop)
  • Explore local church involvement options.
  • Develop a balanced routine that includes healthy nutrition, exercise, recreation and mental health practices.
  • Explore options for part-time employment and/or internships.
  • Find a faculty mentor aligned with your academic major.
  • Join the Top Dawg Spirit & Pride incentive program.