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EXPAND your knowledge and skills through developing a balanced student profile including participation in co-curricular, community and professional readiness programming such as active roles in campus organizations, investigating internship opportunities, part-time job, choosing a major aligned with your strengths/purpose, and developing a personal network. The list below is recommended for second-year students.

  • Commit to an active role in at least one campus club.
  • Commit to regular participation in GWU sponsored service opportunities.
  • Attend the “Social Media & the Hiring Process” workshop.
  • Attend the “Networking Now:  You can’t afford to wait!” workshop.
  • Attend the “Intro to Internships: Essentials for getting started” workshop.
  • Attend the “Leading Effective Meetings” workshop.
  • Regularly attend GWU sponsored campus events.
  • Attend the “Highly Effective Teams” workshop.
  • Begin investigating PRE/internship options and narrowing choices.
  • Meet with your faculty mentor at least once per month to continue discussing your talents, purpose, aligned majors and career paths.
  • Actively participate in a local faith community.
  • If possible, work a part-time job and/or internship.
  • Customize your Webb Works profile and explore this tool’s features.
  • Access the Candid Career online portal from the resources section of our website to begin investigating possible career fields.
  • Develop an initial resume.
  • Attend a mock interview session.