Career Development Resources for Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Student Research

The Center for Personal and Professional Development partners with faculty and academic departments to offer programming and development opportunities that complement students’ academic experience to provide a comprehensive foundation for meaningful life and work beyond college. 

If you’re a faculty member with specific needs or ideas for how we could enhance our support for your students, please let us know. 

Resources for Faculty and Staff

These documents are great additions to class discussions.  Be sure to connect with Personal and Professional Development regarding classroom presentations or other opportunities where we can assist your students.


The following videos are available to add to a Blackboard course or as part of class.  Personal and Professional Development is happy to provide Embed Codes or QR codes for easy access for posting.

Professional Readiness Experience (PRE)

Professional Readiness Experience

Learn more about the PRE Graduation Requirement by visiting the PRE page or by connecting to the PRE faculty and staff folder on WebbConnect for additional information.



WebbWorks is the Center for Personal and Professional Development's career management system.  Through this system, students can register for events, schedule an appointment, report job or internships, and connect with employers with job and internship options.  Coming Soon!  Faculty and Staff will have access to this system as well.

Student Access: Students log on to WebbConnect and click the WebbWorks icon on the left-hand navigation bar.

Online Resources


InterviewStream Logo

Our online interview preparation resource, InterviewStream is a great option to assist students in practicing oral communication interview skills. Connect with Career Development to create an assignment for your class! Click on the icon below to access InterviewStream.

Candid Career

Candid Career Logo

For hundreds of short videos related to career preparation or interviews with professionals in a variety of disciplines, Candid Career is a great resource. Click on the icon below to access Candid Career.


Assessments can be a great addition to discussion in your class.  Click here to access our assessment page.


Please use the Center for Personal and Professional Development  as a resource when developing new internship opportunities for your students.  The steps below outline the suggested process for designing and implementing a new internship experience.

Step 1:  Idea

Outline the basic vision for the experience (who, what, where etc.) using the guidelines we provide below to make sure the experience meets the minimum standards and Federal guidelines.  Include all expectations for students, role of the supervising faculty member, site-coordinator etc.

Faculty Internship Development Resources

Department of Labor Standards

Step 2:  Determine Credit and Designation

Within your department, decide if this experience will be credit-bearing and for how many credits.  If this will be a credit-bearing experience, follow your department’s guidelines for proposing this as a credit-bearing course.  This process is outlined in the faculty handbook.

We also you suggest you submit this experience for PRE course designation so that students can use this to fulfill their PRE graduation requirement.  Read more about this process on WebbConnect in the Student Support folder.

Step 3:  Share your proposal with us.

We’re here to help you throughout this process.  Once you’ve developed your idea and determined credit/designation, email us a draft of your proposal for feedback.  We’ll double check to make sure you’ve included all key components, and offer suggestions for fine-tuning the experience before its officially implemented.

Step 4:  Advertising

Once you’ve finalized all the details of the internship, we’ll post it in our WebbWorks system online to maximize its visibility among our students.  If you’ve not used Webb Works previously, use the link below to learn more.


Step 5:  Follow Up

Keep us up to date on the progress of the internship.   Let us know anytime changes are proposed for the experience s well as the names of students participating in it etc.