How to Request to be Excused from Commencement

  1. Please know that attendance at commencement is not required. If you will not be in attendance, you are required to submit the following information to Name, ID# or SSN#, address, current phone number, indicate the graduation ceremony you are requesting to be excused (May, August, December).
  1. Email

The following must be included in the email:

  • Full name
  • Student ID or SSN#
  • Permanent mailing address for diploma to be sent. The address submitted in this email will constitute the graduation candidate’s consent to change the address in the Gardner-Webb University operating system if different.
  • Phone number. This number should be a current number where the graduation candidate can be reached or a message left.
  • Indicate the correct graduation ceremony (May, August or December)
  • Your hood was included in your graduation fee and will be mailed with your diploma.

All fees must be paid to the Business Office in order to receive the diploma and selected future services such as a transcript. Questions regarding the student account should be directed to the Business Office at 704-406-4287.