Username and Password

Obtaining your username and password for WebbConnect, GWU's personalized, one-stop online service community (gives access to email, academic services, online and web-enhanced classes):  If you have forgotten your user name and password or have never received it, you may look it up online by clicking the "WebbConnect" link on the left side of this page. Contact Technology Services at (704) 406-4647 for any questions concerning username and password issues.

Technology Services has added an additional security measure to help insure your privacy. It works like this: You bring in person, mail or fax  a signed form to Technology Services requesting an additional pin number to be added to your account.  If you wish to participate, the form is located under the "Maintain Information" Menu of WebbConnect. This form authorizes us to enter an additional security item into your account.

  • On the form you will provide Technology Services with a 4 digit pin number, a question and answer that you make up.
  • Your signature will be required authorizing Technology Services to activate these additional security measures in your account.
  • When this additional information is entered into the administrative system, your pin number will be added to the "Click here to get username and password" link located in the login box of WebbConnect.
  • If you forget your pin, you will have to call Technology Services and give the question and answer that you originally gave us to get access to your pin.
  • It is very important that you remember your question and answer or you will be required to prove your identity in order to be get your pin.
  • Technology Services will keep the original signed document on file in case we have entered any of the information into the administrative system incorrectly.