Webb Card Policies


The Gardner-Webb University Webb Card is an identification card and a financial transaction card. The Webb Card is a convenient program that allows the entire university community to make purchases and gain access to many locations on campus. It is intended to be used the entire length of time you are at the University. Use of the Webb Card constitutes acceptance of all terms, conditions, and regulations under which it was issued.

Anyone requiring this document in an alternative format should contact the GWU Business Services Office at   (704) 406-4299.

Where/how can I use my Webb Card on campus?

  • Pay for meals at all campus dining facilities
  • Check out materials/books in the Dover Library
  • Print and make copies on campus
  • Gain access to student activities, concerts, athletic events, and cultural events
  • Access Bost Gym facilities and participate in recreational programs
  • Gain access to student housing assignment

Terms & Conditions

Use of the Webb Card

  1. The cardholder agrees that the Webb Card is the property of Gardner-Webb University and can be confiscated from bearer as a result of inappropriate conduct or abuse. Use of the Webb Card is subject to all terms, conditions, rules, and regulations.
  2. You must present your Webb Card at the time of use in order to obtain services. Your card and related accounts are non-transferable; any misuse or illegal transactions can result in privilege suspension and/or possible judicial action. Except as provided below, you are responsible for the usage of your card.

Webb Card Accounts

  1. Meal Plan Count - Each Sunday beginning with dinner, students will receive a new allotment of meals for the week.  The number of meals depends on the meal plan the student has chosen.  Any unused meals from the previous week WILL NOT roll over to the following week.
  2. Meal Plan Flex Dollars (part of the meal/board plan) - A fixed amount of Flex Dollars are deposited to a student's account at the beginning of each semester based on the meal plan the student has chosen.  Flex Dollars may be used at any dining location on campus.  Any unused Flex Dollars from fall will roll to spring ONLY if the student is enrolled in a meal plan for the spring semester.  Those without a spring meal plan will forfeit any unused Flex Dollars. Flex Dollar balances will be forfeited at the end of the spring semester.
  3. Bulldog Dining Bucks - Bulldog Dining Bucks may be deposited onto a cardholder's account at any time during the semester and may be used at all dining locations on campus.  They are designed to be used for campus food purchases once Flex Dollars have been depleted (Flex dollars applicable to students only).  You may add funds electronically or you may visit any dining location and purchase from the attendant at one of the registers.  Bulldog Dining Bucks do not expire.
  4. Webb Cash - Webb Cash may be deposited onto a cardholder's account at any time during the semester and may be used at all dining locations on campus as well as the CVS in Boiling Springs.  Webb Cash may also be used to pay for personal copies made on the Konica Minolta copiers across campus.  You may add funds electronically.  Webb Cash does not expire.

Procedures for Lost, Stolen, or Replacement Cards

  1. If you believe your card has been lost or stolen, you may deactivate your card online.  By deactivating the card it will ensure that there are no unauthorized purchases or access entries.  If you find your card, you may log back in and reactivate your card.  If you are unable to locate the card within a reasonable amount of time you will need to report the card missing and have a new card made at University Police.
  2. There is a $10 replacement fee for a lost or stolen card. There is a $5 replacement fee for a damaged card.  A portion of the damaged card with identifiable information must be submitted to be considered for the $5 replacement fee.

Error Resolution Procedures

  1. If an error is noticed on the receipt, contact the appropriate manager at that location to report the error no later than fifteen (15) days after the error appears. The location will contact the GWU Business Services Office should they need help in resolving the error.
  2. If the cardholder's Webb Card Account balance falls below zero as a result of a system error, the cardholder remains responsible for payment of those purchases. In the event of a negative balance, the cardholder will be notified in writing stating the negative amount. A statement showing the transaction(s) and location will be provided upon request.

Closing Accounts, Refunds, Returns

  1. Upon graduation or official withdrawal from the institution, the cardholder accounts will be closed and any balance over $5.00 will be refunded to the cardholder.
  2. The Webb Card Office reserves the right to close any Webb Card Account that has been inactive for a period of twelve (12) months.
  3. Refunds on accounts will be made at the full value of the unused balance. All debts on the card holder's Student Account must be satisfied prior to a check being processed for a refund. Any negative Webb Card Account balances will be charged to the card holder's Student Account, or billed directly to the cardholder.


  1. If the point-of-sale terminal is equipped to provide a receipt, you may request a receipt at the time of purchase. It is the cardholder's responsibility to ensure the receipt is correct.
  2. Activity statements can be generated upon request of the cardholder from the Business Services Office in Webb Hall.

Effective Date of Agreement

These terms and conditions are effective immediately and remain so until written notification is received. Gardner-Webb University shall mail or deliver a written notice at least thirty (30) days before effective date, any change in a term or condition if the change would cause increased fees or charges; or increase liability for the cardholder. Prior notice need not be given where immediate change in a term and/or condition is necessary to maintain or restore the security of the system or account.

Bank Affiliation

There are no banks affiliated with the Webb Card.

Card Eligibility


  • Must be a current registered student
  • Must have a valid photo identification prior to issuance
  • Responsible for replacement card fee

Full Time or Part Time Faculty/Staff

  • Must have employee status through Human Resources
  • No card fee charged
  • Responsible for replacement card fee

Sodexo Employees

  • Cards issued to managers
  • Cards issued to selected cashiers

Camps & Conference

  • Camps & Conference cards issued at no charge only for the period of the Camp or Conference


Gardner-Webb University will disclose information to third parties about your account only:

  • In order to comply with court orders or other applicable laws.
  • If the cardholder gives the Webb Card Office written permission.

Card Acceptance/Confiscation

The Webb Card should only be accepted for debit account transactions from the individual identified on the card. In order to protect the card holder's account from unauthorized usage, it is the departments' responsibility to verify the Webb Card photo prior to the transaction.

Webb Cards found in the possession of someone other than the owner will be confiscated and immediately turned in to the GWU Business Services Office in Webb Hall or University Police. Individuals found using another person's card and the individual who allowed someone else to use their card will meet with the GWU Associate VP for Business & Finance before the card is returned and could possibly be referred to the Dean of Students for judicial action or to Human Resources.