Operations Policies and Forms

Office Moves

Office changes must be approved by the provost on a form submitted by your VP, Associate VP or Associate Provost. The form should typically be submitted 30 days prior to the requested date of the move. See the attached form for more information. Once approved the request will be tracked on GWU Maintenance Connection.

Furniture and Improvements

The Office of the President has published guidelines for improvements, furniture and decorating. Requests for these items must be submitted to the President’s Office using the Furniture & Improvements Form. This form should be used for any new as complex as a renovation or as simple as hanging a picture. The form may only be submitted by your respective VP, Associate VP or Associate Provost. Once received, the President’s office will coordinate the process. If approved, your building manager may track the request using our Web Based Work Order System.

Telecom Requests

Requests for phone repairs, replacements, upgrades, programming and consultation services may be requested using the Telecom Form. All charges, except for line outages, will be billed directly to the GL account of the requesting department. Requests may be tracked using on GWU Maintenance Connection.

Event Services

Event services staff are available to assist you in providing the services and equipment you need to make your meeting of special event a success. All services provided are subject to service charges which will be billed to your GL account. In order to make certain that the facility is clean and heating/cooling is available; you must reserve the facility, related services, labor resources and catering at least 10 working days prior to the event. Reservations made outside of the planning window may not be eligible for services. For the safety and comfort of our guests, certain events will be required to pay for required housekeeping, safety, and event management staff. If your event falls into this category you will be contacted by the Provosts office concerning these requirements.

Contact Us

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Director of Facility Services
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Administrative Assistant to the Provost and Executive Vice President
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