Personnel, Equipment and Facility Rates

Personnel Rates

Fee DescriptionCost
Event Manager (requirement for events over 200 people)$25/hour
Audio/Video Technician$25/hour
Set up and Tear Down Labor$12/hour
Police Officer$18/hour

Equipment Rates

Fee DescriptionCost
Basic Sound System (mixer, speakers, one microphone, CD Player$100/each 
Extended Sound System (Basic Sound System plus 150' snake)$200/each
Extra Wired Microphone$10/each
Wireless Handheld Microphone$25/each
Wireless Lapel Microphone$25/each
Wireless Countryman Microphone$40/each
Electronic Keyboard$50/each
Floor Monitor (speaker)$10/each
iPod (for music)$15/each
5000 Lumen Projector$50/each
5' x 8' Projection Screen$25/each
9' x 12' Projection Screen$50/each
Graduation Quality Projector and Screen $250/pair
Video Mixer$250/each
Lighting System$100/each
6' x 8' Stage Piece (32"hight) (maximum quantity=20)$25/each
Presidential Podium$10/each
North Carolina/United States Flags $10/pair
Black Curtain $10/each
Street Lamp (maximum quantity=9)$20/each
Black Stanchion $5/each
Acoustic Shell (maximum quantity= 8)$20/each
Choral Riser (maximum quantity=8)$5/each
Lindsay Court Canopy$400

Facility Rates

Fee DescriptionCost
Bailey Dinning Room$100/day
Blanton Auditorium$250/day
Bost Aerobics Room$100/day
Bost Gym$500/day
Bost Pool (Plus Lifeguards Fees)$250/day (Plus Lifeguards Fees)
Bulldog Suite (LYCC)$100/day
Chapel (*New Policy-$100 deposit plus $200 EM, Audio & Housekeeping plus $300 fee) $300/day
Classrooms (each)$100/day
Classrooms with Multimedia$200/day
Computer Labs$100/day
DCC 250 Conference Room$250/day
Dover Theatre$400/day
Fireside Lounge$100/day
Football Team Room$200/day
Library Classroom (non-instructional)$100/day
Library Multimedia Room$250/day
LYCC Paul Porter Arena$500/day
LYCC Paul Porter Arena Setup as Lindsay Court$1,500/day
McCullough Grindstaff Room$100/day
Millennium Playhouse$300/day
Noel Room 300/301 (*$100 per room or $200 for both)$200/day
O' Max Gardner Hall$200/day
Ritch Banquet Hall$200/day
Tucker Library$100/day
University Clubhouse$200/day
Webb Hall Conference Room$100/day
Wellness Lounge$100/day
Williams Observatory (*Requires Academic Approval of Provost or Associate Provost)$250/day

Fields/Outdoor Facility Rates

Fee DescriptionCost
Baseball Field$150/day
Football Field$150/day
Lake Hollifield$100/day
Rose Garden$100/day
Soccer Fields$150/day
Softball Field$150/day
Tennis Courts$150/day