Event Personnel Policy

Event Manager

An event manager will be required for all public event held in the Lutz-Yelton Convocation Center and Dover Theatre and for any event expecting more than 200 occupants. This person is the onsite supervisor for all of the GWU labor resources, hired or contracted, for the event.

The event manager has no responsibilities for the content of or preparation for the event, only for the facilities and for enforcement of University policy.

Responsibilities are as follows:

  1. Has final say over what can and cannot take place in the facility;
  2. Exercises full authority to direct GWU staff related to the event;
  3. Will be present for the event and approve the set up for the event;
  4. Has the overall responsibility for the safety, comfort and services for our guests;
  5. Ensures that the event is in keeping with the University mission and values;
  6. Is not responsible for the event, production or set up details but can help the person on site for the event.


  1. Less than 50 guests-Not required if booking party accepts responsibility for leaving the space as found. If advanced cleaning is needed the booking party must order services on the Meeting Room Management system. Excess waste must be removed from the space
  2. 50 to 200 guests-one housekeeper for the duration of the event plus one hour prep and one hour post
  3. 200 to 1000 guests-two housekeepers for the duration of the event plus one hour prep and one hour post
  4. 1000 or more guests-four housekeepers for the duration of the event plus one hour prep and one hour post
  5. If food is being served/offered, the Director of Facility Services may increase these hours based on the details of the function. If changes are required, you will be notified and the adjustment will automatically be made to your request.

Police/Parking Attendants

  1. Less than 200 guests-only provided if requested (Dover Chapel, O. Max Gardner Recital Hall, and Blanton Auditorium are exempt provided no other events are taking place simultaneously)
  2. 200 to 500 guests-one officer will provide parking one hour prior to the event and for duration
  3. 500 to 1000 guests-two officers present one hour prior, for duration of event plus one hour post; also two parking atttendants
  4. Over 1000 guests-level three plus one additional officer per 1000 guests