photo for Pam Dennis faculty recognitionPam Dennis, Ph.D.

Dean of the John R. Dover Library

October 2019

Dr. Dennis, Dr. Bishop, and Dr. Sterns collaborated on a presentation at the 15th NCICU Assessment Conference on June 12th titled “Facing Assessment: Anticipating the Storm with a Plan, Partners, and Provisions,” based on strategies for anticipating potential roadblocks and preparing for emergencies by having a plan in mind, knowing who to contact, and by acquiring the necessary tools to meet the final goal. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Bishop co-presented at the 50th Metrolina Library Association Conference on June 5th titled “Sleeping with the Enemy: Demystifying Faculty/Librarian Relationships,” based on how librarians and faculty can successful build collaborative partnerships to support research and student learning. Dr. Dennis and Dr. Bishop also co-presented at the 63rd North Carolina Library Association Conference on October 16th on the topic of “Libraries: Spaces to Plug-In,” which focused on data-driven decision-making to craft student-centered spaces within the library to foster scholarship and community.

March 2019

Dr. Dennis delivered a paper at the Music Library Association annual conference in St. Louis on February 23 entitled “The Obscure Multinational Composer of 19th Century Sheet Music: Best Practices in Library Resource Usage.”

October 2018

On September 28, 2018, Dr. Pam Dennis collaborated with Dr. Janet Land to present "Making It Stick: How a Faculty Book Group is Reshaping Courses Across the Curriculum" at the Georgia International Information Literacy Conference in Savannah, GA.  The following day, she joined with Natalie Bishop, Hannah Alford, and Janet Land in a panel discussion between English faculty and librarians entitled "Learning Tips That Really Work: How Faculty Collaborated to Invoke Successful Learning Among Their Students." She also participated in a conference for church musicians entitled, "Hearts, Hands, Voices," sponsored by the Association of Lutheran Church Musicians on September 22, 2018, in Charlotte.

August 2018

On October 8, 2017, Dr. Pam Dennis presented a poster for the North Carolina Library Association in Winston-Salem entitled “Librarians Unite: Collaborating to Teach Patrons to Recognize and Refute Fake News.” On February 2, 2018, she gave a presentation at the Music Library Association annual conference in Portland, OR, entitled “From Franz Haydn to the Silent Movie Screen: How One German Family of Musicians Influenced Small-Town Musical Life on Two Continents.” On June 6, 2018, she presented a paper with Holly Mabry at the Metrolina Library Association annual conference in Charlotte entitled “LibGuides and the Universal Design Approach: The Library’s Role in Providing Accessible Information for Diverse Audiences.” Additionally, her annual bibliography of recent publications on books about musical instruments was published in Journal of the American Musical Instrument Society, and her database review on “Nursing Reference Center Plus” was chosen to be included in The Charleston Advisor 19:4 (2018): 28-33.