Photo of Dr. Jennifer Buckner

Jennifer Buckner, PhD

Associate Professor of English

August 2018

Dr. Buckner and Kirsten Daley (2016 GWU alumna) are co-authors of “Do You Hear What I Hear? A Hearing Teacher and a Deaf Student Negotiate Sound?,”chapter 1 in a born-digital edited collection titled Soundwriting Pedagogies recently published (Aug 2018) by Computers and Composition Digital Press. Dr. Buckner and Kirsten present an autoethnographic and theoretical examination of soundwriting as a modality for composing. Specifically, they critique approaches based only on experiences of normate–hearing bodies. They propose a pedagogy of soundlistening. Soundlistening, recognizing and seeking to understand the nature of individual sonic experiences, invites sound into a conceptual, dialogic space where our theories become informed by a multiplicity of voices, even those that do not audate.

This open source publication may be accessed by clicking here.