Center for Innovative Leadership Development

Vision Statement

Our vision is nothing less than realizing the full potential of the university in linking resources in creative ways to significantly impact the major human, social and intellectual capital needs of organizations. The Center equips current and future leaders with the tools and strategies to be transformative in their pursuit of excellence.

Mission Statement

To serve as a catalyst for sustained cultural transformation aimed at enhanced performance through the development of self and collective efficacy within an organization.

Overarching Goals

  • Be a magnet for organizations in need of transforming their culture
  • Serve as a catalyst in the development of individual and collective efficacy in organizations.
  • Equip leaders with best practices with respect to creating a high performance organization.
  • Develop and cultivate organizational change agents.
  • Promote creativity/innovation in meeting today’s organizational and operational challenges.


  • Regional conferences
  • Leadership development activities (face-to-face, internet facilitated, etc)
  • Evaluation research documenting transformational leadership strategies and results
  • Public awareness campaigns for promoting what works to build leaders and transform communities
  • Consultation

Connect with Center for Innovative Leadership Development

P.O. Box 7226
Boiling Springs, N.C. 28017


Phone: (704) 406-2365
Fax: (704) 406-3921