Photo of Lamont LittlejohnThe Ministers Advisory Council

The Ministers Advisory Council is a valuable resource of wisdom and information for the university and also allows the University the opportunity to share its resources with ministers and congregations.


  1. To assist the university in fulfilling its stated purpose.
  2. Seek to strengthen and improve the relationship of the University with the people of the Baptist churches, pastors in particular, and the Christian community in general.
  3. To utilize the resources of the University for the benefit of the ministers and churches.


The semi-annual meeting of the council are held at the University in the fall and spring.

Ministers Advisory Council Scholarship

Members of the Ministers Advisory Council may approve and recommend a student for the Ministers Advisory Council Scholarship made available in their name as a member of the Council. 

The student is a church member and meets the criteria established by the University as the basis for the award. If approved, the scholarship will be for $250 ($125 per semester) for four years provided the academic and citizenship standards required by the University are maintained. The student must be enrolled at least full-time (12 credit hours). 

Click here to complete a scholarship application.

Contact Dr. Al Cadenhead for more information on the Council.