Time Key to Section Letters

Master Key for Section Letters for Day Program classes

(See abbreviations for GOAL-DCP/Graduate Section letters)

* Some classes may have meeting times other than those listed here and will have different section letters.

**For Summer terms, use the following: "A" for 1st five weeks, "B" for second five weeks, "C" for 10 weeks

SectionMeeting timesSectionMeeting timesSectionMeeting times
AMWF 8:00- 8:50am or TBAGMW 2:00- 2:50pmNTR 2:40- 3:55pm
BMWF 9:00- 9:50amHMW 2:00- 3:15pmPBegins between 3 & 6
Mon - Fri
CMWF 10:00- 10:50amJTR 8:00- 9:15amQBegins 6 or later
on Mon
DMWF 11:00- 11:50amKTR 10:25- 11:40amRBegins 6 or later
on Tues
EMWF 12:00- 12:50pmLTR 11:50- 1:05pmSBegins 6 or later
on Wed
FMWF 1:00- 1:50pmMTR 1:15- 2:30pmTBegins 6 or later
on Thur
OOnline courses onlyIStatesville classes  

Section letters may be combined to indicate additional meeting times.
(i.e. section QS indicates a class that meets 6:00 p.m. or later on Monday and Wednesday)