How to Access WebbConnect

WebbConnect access requires a username and password for all users. To find out your username and password, click on WebbConnect at the top of the page and then the "Click Here" link on the left side of the page. If you need assistance, call Tech Services at (704) 406-4647.

WebbConnect gives one-stop personalized access to online and web-enhanced courses, Library resources, and all academic services (i.e. transcripts, grades, registration, graduation applications, etc.

Logging on to WebbConnect

1.  After reading these instructions, click on WebbConnect at the top of this page

2.  If you don't know your User Name or Password, click on the "Click Here" link on the left side of the page under "How do I get a user name and password?" Answer the questions and get your user name and password.

3.  In the User Name box, type in your User Name.

4.  In the Password box, type in your 6-digit password.

5.  Once you are logged in, click on the Student tab.

6.  Click on the text below "Academic Services" to access your Personal Information, and Student & Financial Aid menus.


1.  The first link on the Registration menu is Check Your Registration Status. Provided here is your current status for Registration purposes. If any holds exist, you should click on the View Holds link at the bottom of the page and contact the appropriate office.

2.  The Add/Drop Classes link allows a student to register for classes, and perform Drop and Add functions. You must see your advisor first to obtain your Registration PIN# that will allow your access to Registration:

A. To Drop a class choose "Drop via the Web" from the drop down box next to the class you wish to drop.
B.  To Register for a class:
1.  Use the CRN worksheet (the row of boxes at the bottom of the page) if you know the unique CRN numbers for the class sections or,
2.  Click on the Class Search button. For best results, enter only the subject and then click on class search. This will bring up a list of classes for the subject you chose. Simply click in the check boxes next to the classes you want. Then click on either Add to Worksheet (to add the class to the CRN worksheet on the Registration page but not to your schedule), or Register (to register for the class).

3.  If the class was added to the worksheet, then click on Submit Changes.

4.  View your Current Schedule and any Registration Errors. Repeat this process until your schedule is satisfactory (use the drop down box under Action on the Current schedule to Drop any class that needs dropping and then submit changes). You may then print this screen, or print a copy of your schedule from the Registration Menu.

4.  Look-up Classes to Add allows searching and adding classes in the above manner.

5. Student Schedule by Day and Time shows your schedule in a calendar (Day/Time) format.

6.  Student Detail Schedule shows a schedule including all of the detail information about each course you are taking.

7.  The Withdrawal Information link provides information for withdrawing from a class after the first week of classes has transpired. Before that time, a class may be dropped online.

8.  The final link on the Registration Menu is Select Term. This allows you to select the term with which you wish to work. Available terms are listed in the drop-down box. Just point and click the appropriate term and then click submit. All information you view will be for the selected term until you choose a different term.

Student Records

1.  This is a menu of information which is self-explanatory. You may print a degree evaluation, graduation coversheet, view any holds on your records, view your grades at mid-term and end-of-term, view an unofficial copy of your transcript, and see catalog descriptions of classes.