Writing Fellows Program

Students work together at the Writing Center

A Writing Fellow is a peer tutor embedded in a Writing-Intensive course. A Fellow works with students on their writing, from brainstorming and drafting to revision. Unlike tutors at the Writing Center, a Writing Fellow is assigned to one class and one instructor, creating a more specialized focus. A Fellow also works closely with the instructor of the class, providing opportunities for mentoring and professional development. A Writing Fellows program promotes partnership between Fellows and faculty and collaboration between peers.

Writing Fellows should expect to develop advanced skills in written and oral communication, leadership, and the ability to work with diverse groups. These skills will make Fellows more desirable job candidates and applicants to graduate school.

Writing Fellows will be expected to attend training prior to the start of each semester and twice a month during the semester.

Applicants should possess strong writing and communication skills as well as strong organizational skills.

Compensation: $8.25/hour, estimated 60 hours each semester. Fellows should be aware that unlike other workplaces, the hours per week will vary, depending upon the timing and nature of the writing assignments in the course they are assigned to. Fellows should anticipate working more hours some weeks, fewer other weeks. Fellows should have strong organizational and planning skills to accommodate this type of flexible work schedule. Writing Fellows will also receive priority registration.