Student in LibraryQEP FAQs for the Writing-Intensive Curriculum/Graduation Requirement

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What does Writing Intensive Mean?

Writing Intensive means that writing for the course must be guided and taught by the instructor, and that students will be expected to transfer learning and skills from one Writing Intensive course to another. In WI courses, writing and writing assignments will be taught using the QEP SLOs at the end of this document.

Writing Intensive does not mean that more writing is required or that instructors should add more writing to their courses – rather, it means that any writing assigned needs to be guided and taught by the instructor and should fulfill the SLOs at the end of this document.

Writing Intensive does not mean that instructors will all teach writing in the same way or assign the same types of writing assignments. Instructors will continue to teach writing as appropriate for their disciplines and assign writing appropriate for their disciplines. 

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What will be the Writing-Intensive (WI) Graduation Requirement for students entering Fall 2018?

Five Writing-Intensive courses from Tier One, Tier Two, and Tier Three.

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What are the Tiers?

  • Tier One: ENGL 101 and ENGL 102
  • Tier Two: One Gen Ed taken after ENGL 102
  • Tier Three: Tier Three: Two courses in the major

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How do students know which Tier Two course to take?

  • They will be coded in Banner prior to each semester’s registration.
  • A four-year rotation of these courses will be provided in UNIV 111.
  • This rotation will also be available on the QEP website and with Academic Advising.
  • The Tier Two course must be taken after ENGL 102. Tier Two courses will be coded in Banner with a registration pre-requisite for ENGL 102.

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What are the Tier Two courses?

The list of courses is below. Please note this list does not encompass the entire General Education curriculum. Some courses are not included because they must be taken during students’ first year and cannot be postponed until after ENGL 102.

  • ARTS 225: Art Survey
  • BADM 325: Business Communication
  • COMM 230: Technology and American Society
  • ENGL 211: Survey of British Literature I
  • ENGL 212: Survey of British Literature II
  • ENGL 231: Survey of US Literature I
  • ENGL 232: Survey of US Literature II
  • ENGL 251: Survey of World Literature I
  • ENGL 252: Survey of World Literature II
  • HIST 101: Western Civilization I
  • HIST 102: Western Civilization II
  • HIST 245: The American Century
  • HLED 221: Dimensions of Personal Health
  • MUSC 225: Music Survey
  • POLS 202: The American Political Process
  • PSYC 201: General Psychology
  • RELI 101: Old Testament
  • RELI 102: New Testament
  • RELI 245: Religion and Culture in a Global Perspective
  • SSCI 205: Global Understanding
  • THEA 235: Theatre Survey

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Wait, are all the above courses WI all the time?

No, they are only WI in certain semesters. Most of the time, the above courses will not be WI.

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What are the Tier Three courses?

Two courses in the major. Ideally, the first course should be taken at the beginning of the major and the second course at the end. The second course should build on learning in the first one and should have a higher level of expectations.

  • Students can consult individual majors for Tier Three courses.
  • Tier Three courses will be coded in the Academic Catalog and in Banner.
  • A list of these courses and a schedule will be provided on the QEP website and by Academic Advising.

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How will transfer students be affected?

  • If a student transfers in credit for or places out of ENGL 101 and/or 102, then they will be exempted from that part of the Tier One Writing-Intensive requirements.
  • If a student transfers in under the Articulation Agreement, they will be exempted from Tiers One and Two.
  • Transfers still needing General Education courses will need to fulfill Tier Two requirements.
  • All transfers will need to fulfill Tier Three requirements.

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What are the Student Learning Outcomes for the QEP?

  1. Students will apply a guided writing process. (Tiers One, Two, and Three)
  2. Students will write effectively for a context and purpose, including the use of appropriate grammar and mechanics. (Tiers One, Two, and Three)
  3. Students will employ discipline-specific terminology and conventions of writing. (Tiers Two and Three)
  4. Students will evaluate the credibility and relevance of sources, integrate sources with their own ideas, and document their research correctly. (Tiers Two and Three)

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