Student with FacultyAssessment of the QEP: The Writing Connection

Direct Assessment

The QEP Rubric

The QEP Rubric will be used to assess students in each Writing-Intensive course. The Rubric should be used for one writing assignment only.

Rubric scores will be reported by the day and time final grades are due for that semester. The Rubric will be loaded with the course in Banner so that instructors can upload results in the same manner as final exam grades.

Rubric results will be reported to instructors, Chairs and Deans, and the university community. The scores will be used to adjust the curriculum and instruction. Scores will also be assessed within and between Tiers, in order to determine the impact of Writing-Intensive instruction and curriculum on student learning.

Please click here for the QEP Rubric. This Rubric is for informational purposes, to help instructors score student writing. It is not to be uploaded or submitted.

CLA+ Exam

The CLA+ Exam will be utilized as an external tool of assessment to provide a longitudinal view of the impact of the QEP on student writing. It will first be administered in Spring 2017 to 100 seniors in order to gather baseline data. It will also be a method for evaluating student writing independently from internal assessment.

During QEP implementation, the CLA+ exam will be administered in Fall semesters to 100 students in their first semester and in Spring semesters to 100 students in their final semester. With the exception of discipline-specific conventions and terminology, the CLA+ measures QEP SLOs #1, 3, and 4.

The CLA+ also measures students’ abilities in critical thinking, analytical reasoning, problem solving, and clear and effective written communication. It is comprised of a 60-minute essay exam that presents students with a problem, provides documents, and asks students to propose a solution using the documents as support. The final 30 minutes are a selected response exam of 25 questions covering scientific and quantitative reasoning, critical reading and evaluation, and critiquing an argument. Results from the CLA+ can also be used in the university’s General Education assessment.

Indirect Assessment

New as well as existing surveys will be used to assess the impact of the QEP on faculty and students. Survey data will be analyzed for patterns so adjustments can be made to pedagogy, course design, training, etc.

New Surveys include surveying faculty on the WI Professional Development workshops, experiences teaching WI courses, and experiences with Writing Fellows. In addition, Writing Fellows will be surveyed each semester.

The QEP will also continue to utilize data from the NSSE and FSSE as well as the Senior Exit Survey.