Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with preparation for K-12 teacher licensure

GWU Spanish class

The Bachelor of Arts in Spanish with preparation for K-12 teacher licensure will give you the training and field experience to effectively educate students in Spanish as a second language.

Undergraduate Admissions

Your major in Spanish with Teacher Licensure will help you develop advanced proficiency speaking, reading, writing, and listening and give you the skills to share this information with students in your classroom. Through small, conversation-based classes, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to practice communication and build relationships with your classmates and professions. You’ll also explore the history, literature, culture, and even films of the Spanish-speaking world to gain meaningful context for the language. Majoring in Spanish will open up a world of enhanced travel, new employment opportunities, and a greater appreciation for diversity.

With the Professional Education minor, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to become a Spanish teacher for K-12 students. You’ll learn about current standards of foreign language instruction, learning methods for teaching and techniques for classroom success, and effective communication of foreign language knowledge in the classroom. Through field teaching assignments and coaching from an experienced Spanish teacher, you’ll apply these skills through real-world practice.

As a student, you’ll have opportunities to study abroad, take part in missions, take part in weekly Spanish cultural gatherings, join Sigma Delta Pi (the National Collegiate Hispanic Honors Society), and be part of the Student NC Association of Educators, an organization to help develop your professional abilities while providing important networking and leadership opportunities.

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