With a Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Licensure (9-12)

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With a Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Licensure (9-12), you’ll expand your knowledge of the world in which we live, past and present, informing your understanding of the future, and you’ll be equipped to share this understanding with your students as a professional educator.

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The Bachelor of Arts in History with Teacher Licensure (9-12) program will help you cultivate important content and skills in research, analysis, critical thinking, and effective writing. In addition, master instructional methods, best practices and classroom management techniques, such as developing comprehensive creative and engaging lesson plans to implementing strategies to support diverse learners and assessing and analyzing student performance. You will take fascinating courses drawing on the wide and varied expertise of our social sciences and education faculty that will provide the foundation to teach US or World History, Civics/Government, Economics, Sociology and Geography.

When you graduate, you’ll be fully prepared to meet licensure requirements for a meaningful career as a professional educator in the social sciences, teaching high school or middle school students in North Carolina.

Gardner-Webb’s Department of Social Sciences works to help students develop the intellectual skills to explore meaningful questions about politics, society, and the human past in an environment of comprehensive curiosity based on Christian values. Our diverse selection of classes offers you the fascinating opportunity to study Medieval Europe or Modern Germany, Southern Politics, International Relations or the American Century, and much more. You’ll receive a well-rounded education in the social, political, and historical forces that have shaped America and the nations of the world in the past, present, and future.

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