Bachelor of Arts in French with Teacher Licensure

GWU French class students

The Bachelor of Arts in French with preparation for K-12 teacher licensure will give you the training and field experience to effectively educate students in French as a second language.

Undergraduate Admissions

Your major in French will introduce you to the compelling world of Francophone languages, literature, and culture and give you the skills to share this information with students in your classroom. You will develop advanced fluency, explore the history of Francophone cultures, and delve into the literature of various periods and regions. With proficiency in speaking, reading, and writing, you’ll enjoy great opportunities for travel, fascinating career options, and higher earning potential. You will experience French language and culture in a whole new way through our study abroad programs in Canada and France. This will be the start to a career that may take you across the globe.

With the Professional Education minor, you’ll gain the knowledge and tools to become a French teacher for K-12 students. You’ll learn about current standards of foreign language instruction, learning methods for teaching and techniques for classroom success, and effective communication of foreign language knowledge in the classroom. Through field teaching assignments and coaching from an experienced French teacher, you’ll apply these skills through real-world practice.

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