Bachelor of Arts in English with Teacher Licensure

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The Bachelor of Arts in English with Teacher Licensure degree will prepare you to teach language and literature to high school students. You will take a number of high-level courses in both teacher education and English language and literature in order to help you develop both subject expertise and the teaching methods needed to share your knowledge.

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You’ll explore big ideas and meet spiritual challenges. You’ll investigate great works of literature, learning how to interpret and evaluate what you read. You’ll deepen your understanding of history and culture, both other cultures and your own. You’ll discover the history and evolution of the English language, learning what it means to be literate in the 21st Century. You’ll develop skills in critical thinking and effective speaking and writing. You’ll also polish your information skills for successful communication in the digital age.

As an English Education student at GWU, you’ll participate in a semester-long internship, called student teaching, where you will be an apprentice teacher at a local public school, working one-on-one with a veteran teacher, and gain experience in a variety of classroom environments.

GWU’s Department of English Language and Literature offers an environment for the intellectually curious. Classes offer lively discussions and person-to-person interactions as we explore interesting topics in rhetoric, language, literature, linguistics, and creative writing. 

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