Contact Information for Concerns

We hope you can resolve any concerns through your course Professor, but if your concerns fall outside your course or you need further assistance, follow the directions below.

The best policy is to address a problem at the level closest to the concern. If you do not get a satisfactory solution or explanation, you may move to the next higher level. The hierarchy for addressing your concerns is:

  1. Professor/Clinical Supervisor within the School of Education
  2. Program Coordinator:

    Master of Arts: Teacher Leadership in Curriculum and Instruction: Dr. Cheresa Simpson
    Master of Arts in Executive Leadership Studies: Dr. Dale Lamb
    Doctor of Education in Curriculum and Instruction: Dr. Jennifer Putnam
    Doctor of Education in Educational Leadership: Dr. Stephen Laws
    Doctor of Education in Organizational Leadership: Dr. Jeff Hamilton
    Bachelor of Education in Organizational Leadership: Dr. Franki Burch
    Traditional Undergraduate Programs: Dr. Brie Leggat Johnson
    Degree Completion Programs: Dr. Lane Wesson

  3. Dean of the School of Education: Dr. Prince Bull
  4. Dean of Graduate Studies: Dr. Sydney Brown
  5. Provost: Dr. Ben Leslie
  6. President: Dr. William Downs

If this is an issue with "noncompliance regarding specific laws and rules associated with Educator Preparation Program (ERP) requirements," you may notify the State Board of Education using the form linked below (Pursuant to North Carolina General Statute 115C-269.55).

Education Preparation Provider Complainant Process