Your degree in International Business will broaden your understanding of domestic and international markets. You’ll explore international trade within the context of culture, history, and politics while learning to apply global perspectives to basic business principles.

Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration

GWU international business class

As an International Business major, you will explore the culture, history and politics of global trade and relations, while deepening your knowledge of another language and studying business principles at a foreign university during an international education experience.

Undergraduate Admissions

Students seeking a Bachelor of Science in International Business will study a broad range of topics with an emphasis on their global impact, including economics, finance, marketing, politics, and foreign languages.


In addition to training focused on Christian business ethics and classroom knowledge of the business environment, your major will offer opportunities to participate in a foreign study program through the Council on International Educational Exchange (CIEE) or Gardner-Webb-sponsored study-abroad programs.

With a degree in International Business, you will be prepared to work for a variety of companies, including

  1. international firms
  2. the state department and other government agencies
  3. export and import banks
  4. financial institutions

Some of our alumni pursue an advanced degree, including the International Master of Business Administration (IMBA) degree offered by Gardner-Webb.

In addition to the University’s required general education and prerequisites, the Bachelor of Science in International Business includes 36 credit hours in Broyhill Undergraduate School of Management core business courses, as well as 21 hours of International Business coursework. International Business majors must demonstrate a proficiency in English and complete either six hours of one foreign language above the 201 level or six hours of business courses above the 300 level.


Additional information, including descriptions of specific courses and their corresponding credit hours, is available in the Academic Catalog.

The Broyhill School of Management offers undergraduate business minors in Business Administration and Sport Management. Each requires the completion of 18 credit hours of coursework. The University also offers an array of minor opportunities in other departments.

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