Writing Center Staff

Matt Duffus, Writing Center Director

Matt Duffus, Writing Center Director

Matt Duffus is an instructor in the Department of English Language and Literature, specializing in creative writing, composition, and post-Civil War American Literature. A writer of academic and creative work, his first novel, The Unhomecoming, will be published by SFK Press in August 2019.

Brittney Jones, Graduate Assistant

Brittney Cornette, Graduate Assistant

Brittney Cornette is pursuing her Master of Arts in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling program. Before working in the Writing Center, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Psychology with a minor in Sociology at GWU. She is passionate about APA research-focused papers, helping graduate students with their writing, and brainstorming. In her free time, she enjoys eating Salt & Vinegar chips and going on occasional hikes. She aspires to one day be a Play Therapist and own DVD copies of all 9 seasons of The Office.

Jeremiah Hamby, Consultant

Jeremiah Hamby, Writing Consultant

Jeremiah Hamby is the most-experienced consultant in the Writing Center. This is the start of his third year in the Gardner-Webb School of Divinity and Department of Religious Studies and Philosophy’s Graduate program. His writing specialties include religion papers, Turabian and SBL citations and formatting, working on the structure of papers, and thinking outside the box. When he’s not working in the Writing Center, he enjoys playing French Horn and piano, exploring nature, working with youth and students at his church home, and being a connoisseur of coffee.

Maya Mallory, Consultant

Maya Mallory, Writing Consultant

Maya Mallory is a junior majoring in psychology. She is a member of the GWU track and field team. She is a lover of music and food. Her favorite thing to do in her free time is to take naps :) 

Hannah Roberts, Consultant

Hannah Roberts, Writing Consultant

Hannah Roberts is a senior English major with an emphasis in creative writing. She’s well-versed in MLA, and her passions include sci-fi/horror fiction and media like podcasts, movies, games, and television shows. She’s been editing for five years and hopes someday to join a writing team that creates stories with diverse characters who can inspire people to be a bit kinder to themselves and the world. Her dog, Lu, is the very best girl, and she works hard every day to reach her goal of making Lu the most ridiculously spoiled pup in the entire universe.

Christian Vaughan, Receptionist

Christian Vaughan is a human being and senior English major.

Kate Vriesema, Consultant

Kate Vriesema, Writing Consultant

Kate Vriesema is a senior English major with an emphasis in Creative Writing and a minor in Psychology. She enjoys editing papers in search of the tiniest grammatical errors and working with people to create a draft they can feel confident about. She feels most comfortable working with either MLA or APA documentation styles. When she’s not doing homework or working in the Writing Center, she can be found watching Netflix or reading YA books in her room.

Jacob Watson, Consultant

Jacob Watson, Writing Consultant

Jacob Watson is a Senior Economics/Finance Major. He spends his spare time playing all sorts of music on his acoustic and electric guitars. He also enjoys hiking through local mountain ranges and parks with friends when the weather is nice. His preferred citation style is MLA, with APA as a close second.

Callie West, Receptionist

Callie West, Receptionist

Callie West is always happy to help you in any way she can. She is now a sophomore and can hardly believe time has whizzed by so fast. Callie currently lives in Fort Worth, Texas, when she is not at school. She plans on majoring in English with a literature emphasis and a minor in History. Callie loves to read in her free time. In writing, Callie is very familiar with MLA and APA format, and she knows a tiny bit of Turabian format. She knows how to write various types of papers from research, to book reviews, to reflections, to creative stories.

Samantha Wilkie, Consultant

Samantha Wilkie, Writing Consultant

As a lover of all things book related, Samantha Wilkie is an aspiring high school English teacher who is excited to help others with any of their writing necessities. She is a second-year English and Secondary Education major in the Honors Program from good ole Hendersonville, North Carolina. She is most familiar with the writing style MLA. Beware, if the words Disney, Harry Potter, The Office, Parks and Rec, the nineties, or The Perks of Being a Wallflower are said in her presence, she will go off on an involuntary tangent.