Consultations for Distance Students

The GWU Writing Center uses a variety of tools to provide services to students at a distance in our GOAL - The Degree Completion Program and graduate programs. Currently, we have had success using both 1. telephone consultations and 2. screensharing-chat services through the Internet.

If you need help making an appointment, please call (704) 406-4393 during open hours.

Telephone Consultations

Students can talk with a consultant over the telephone during an appointment time. Students simply indicate when they make their appointment in Webb Connect that they will "telephone the writing center at the time of the appointment." They should them email a copy of their paper to, so the consultant can access it during the scheduled session. At the appointment time, the student seeking help should telephone (704) 406-4393. The consultant will pull up the student's paper and conduct the session.

Zoom, Video Conferencing

Writing Center staff will offer video conferencing through campus-wide Zoom accounts. In these sessions, students will be able to video conference with staff members.

How does it work?

  1. Students at a distance should indicate when they make the appointment that they prefer video conferencing.
  2. The consultant will send the student an email just before the appointment time with a web address in the body of the email.
  3. The student will copy and paste the web address from the email into the address bar of a web browser to join the session. 
  4. Once in the session, you will be able to click your camera icon to view and use your computer audio to speak/hear one another.

Zoom Resources

Zoom Support