Frequently Asked Questions about The Noel Center for Disability Resources

How do I inform the Noel Center I need services?

The student requesting accommodations from Gardner-Webb University must self-identify by completing the Student Application which may be submitted online. Click on Disability Resources login then click on new student link. Fill out the new student application and Submit documentation.

Is anything else required before I can receive services?

Yes. When requesting accommodations and services, you must provide current documentation of your disability and its impact on your present functioning to the Associate Dean of the Noel Center.

What should be included in the documentation?

To be eligible for services, students must provide documentation that provides information about a substantial limitation to one or more major life activities, specifically as it applies to meeting the demands of University life, in and/or out of the classroom. Although some disabilities do not change over time, the medical documentation must address the student's current level of functioning. IEP's and 504 Plans, although providing historical evidence of services and accommodations, are generally not considered sufficient to make a student eligible for services. In addition to the medical documentation, we require that students provide a current impact statement. The current impact statement is to be completed by the student requesting accommodations/services. Additional statements from others who know the student may be submitted in addition to the student's statement. In all situations, every student will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The documentation should be submitted by a professional who is licensed/certified in the area for which the diagnosis is made and who is not related to the student. The report must be presented on practice letterhead and signed by the examiner.

What accommodations/services are available?

All accommodations are determined on a case-case-basis. Determination of accommodations is a collaborative effort based upon review of the documentation and a discussion between you and your disability specialist.

Examples of possible accommodations include, but are not limited to the following:

  1. Interpreters
  2. Note takers
  3. Extended time testing/low distraction testing
  4. Assistive technology
  5. Scribes
  6. Books in alternate format
  7. Materials in alternate format
  8. Priority registration
  9. Preferential classroom seating
  10. Orientation to campus by mobility specialist

After accommodations are set up, is that it? Am I on my own?

No!  You will be assigned a disability specialist who is available for regularly scheduled appointments. Together you will set goals to work on throughout the semester. Perhaps you need help developing time management or study strategies, if so your disability specialist can assist you.  You may also contact this person any time you have a question or concern.

Does the Noel Center sponsor special activities or programs?

Yes! The following is a list of some of the activities and programs available to students:

  1. "Joyful Hands" Sign Language Choir
  2. Academic Support Groups 
  3. Study skills workshops
  4. Self-advocacy training
  5. Peer Mentors
  6. Work Force Recruitment
  7. Socials

Remember! All activities/clubs/events sponsored by Gardner-Webb University are open to students with disabilities.

Is there additional cost for accommodations/services?

No, there is no additional cost.