Academic Advising

Graduate Student Advising is provided by a faculty advisor in the student’s field of study (usually the program director/coordinator) who is assigned to each student on acceptance into the program. Deans/Chairs of schools/departments function as secondary advisors to every student, and additional assistance is provided on an as-needed basis by staff members of the Graduate Studies office who have a combined 20 years of experience with graduate programs at Gardner-Webb.

First-semester students are registered by the Graduate Studies office, the Graduate Admissions office, or the academic program office, depending on the program. Each semester, students who are responsible for their own registration for courses (in contrast to the majority of graduate students who are batch-enrolled in the next course in sequence) receive an Advisement and Registration Letter with advising and registration information for the next semester, including their advisor’s contact information and times available for advising. Faculty advisors are available in person, by email, phone, Skype, Face Time, etc. Each semester, all graduate students receive a Continuing Student Letter which alerts them to upcoming dates of importance (e.g., drop/add and withdrawal deadlines) and reminds them of the basic information communicated in their New Student Orientation Letter.