Academic Advising - Divinity Students

Advising within the School of Divinity is initially provided by the Associate Dean for all newly admitted students.  Early in the first semester of the student's course of study, an advisor is assigned to each student based upon the student's choice of concentration.  The advisor will usually be a professor whose specialty is in the area of the student's concentration.  Academic advising occurs in conjunction with preregistration each semester.  In addition, each student will meet for an extended conference with his/her advisor once during each thirty-hour segment of the degree program.  These conferences address academic issues and the student's personal and spiritual formation.

The names of advisors are posted each semester for the benefit of students who may not otherwise be aware of their advisor's identity.  Faculty advisors are responsible for communicating with students related to preregistration and mentor conferences.  Students are not routinely provided with their registration pin numbers apart from specific contact and communication with their advisor.

Information related to important deadlines are provided by the Administrative Assistant of the School of Divinity to all students through mass email notices.  Such information is provided on multiple occasions to ensure that students have access to important issues they must address.