Summer Research Scholar Profiles

Learn more about what the research past scholars have completed through this program.

2019 Summer Research Scholars

Photo of Mallory Baucom

Mallory Baucom, '19

Mallory Baucom studied ways to enhance the effectiveness of programs for first-year students.

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Photo of Cailen Blaire

Cailen Blaire, '20

Cailen Blaire's research prepares her for dental school entrance exam.

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Photo of Nola Webb

Nola Webb, '20

Nola Webb's research helps her gain the skills needed to start and grow a business.

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2018 Summer Research Scholars

Photo of Madeline Bame

Madeline Bame, '21

Madeline Bame investigated whether or not music impacts graduation rates.

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Photo of Luke Gazak

Luke Gazak, '18

Luke Gazak studied mushroom and fungus species along the Broad River.

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Photo of Savannah Hollifield

Savannah Hollifield, '19

Savannah Hollifield conducted testing for the American College of Sports Medicine.

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Photo of Damian Hutchins

Damian Hutchins, '19

Damian Hutchins conducted research on growth hormone replacement.

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Photo of Jacob Jackson

Jacob Jackson, '19

Jacob Jackson created a new vegetable waste disposal process.

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Photo of Yuri Kurerov

Yuri Kurerov, '21

Yuri Kurerov used new instrumentation to characterize anti-cancer compound.

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Photo of Bethany Leap

Bethany Leap, '19

Bethany Leap studied the effects of long-term indiscriminate violence by rebel forces on the outcomes of civil wars.

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Photo of Hannah Roberts

Hannah Roberts, '19

Hannah Roberts developed first section of science fiction novel about colonialism, environmentalism, and ethnocentrism.

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Photo of McKenzi Sexton

McKenzi Sexton, '18

McKenzi Sexton discovered more than 2,000 insect pollinators near campus.

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Photo of Sarah Traylor

Sarah Traylor, '18

Sarah Traylor studied the life of missionary and author Elisabeth Elliott.

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Photo of Kate Vriesema

Kate Vriesema, '19

Kate Vriesema studied how mental health illness is portrayed in Young Adult fiction.

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Photo of Ally Ward

Ally Ward, '19

Ally Ward analyzed gendered language in the sport hunting community.

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Photo of Madison Weavil

Madison Weavil, '19

Madison Weavil used her photography skills to highlight group's work in prisons.

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2017 Summer Research Scholars

Photo of Dalton Blackmon

Dalton Blackmon, '18

Dalton Blackmon studied black economic life in Atlanta, Ga., after the Civil War.

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Photo of Sarah Branch

Sarah Branch, '18

Sarah Branch conducted research what GWU is doing to reduce energy and water use, as well as decrease carbon dioxide emissions.

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Photo of Caroline Burnette

Caroline Burnette, '19

Caroline Burnette studied Victorian-era gender roles and mental illness perception.

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Photo of Summer Byers

Summer Byers, '18

Summer Byers began work on an original young-adult science fiction novel.

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Photo of Eli Hardin

Eli Hardin, '18

Eli Hardin researched Hurricane Katrina evacuation plans from the New Orleans mayor's office.

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Photo of Aaron Hilton

Aaron Hilton, '18

Aaron Hilton studied dystopian/apocalyptic fiction and applied that research to his own writing to create an original piece.

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Photo of Ruthie Lievsay

Ruthie Lievsay, '18

Ruthie Lievsay’s undergraduate research focused on mental disorders.

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Photo of Rachael Meachem

Rachael Meachem, '18

Rachael Meachem helped underprivileged kids remove obstacles to education.

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Photo of Mallory Moore

Mallory Moore, '18

Mallory Moore examined suicide and depression in modern films.

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Photo of Ethan Ramsey

Ethan Ramsey, '18

Ethan Ramsey focused on American Revolution perspectives.

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