Ethical Reflection & Critical Thinking

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The Center is extremely proud to sponsor an annual lineup of speakers across a wide spectrum that spark reflection and thought throughout the campus.

Convening the Conversation

Our goal is to become a venue that sponsors the difficult conversation, and leaves space to discuss and understand the variety of ideas. While we hold to unapologetically Christian ideals of higher education, we also welcome contrasting ideas to join us at the table.

Partnering across the Campus

We thrive on partnerships with other offices, departments, schools, and campus groups to build an exciting program schedule. These include events such as the Life of the Scholar Multidisciplinary Conference (LOTS-MC) and anti-human trafficking awareness with Release the Captives.

Join the Conversation!

The Center welcomes students and the larger community to ask questions and engage in discussion around the issues raised by our speakers and events. We also welcome feedback on what we do well and what we need to improve.

Highlighted Speakers and Events

  • Shane Claiborne, community activist, preacher and author with The Simple Way/Red-Letter Christians
  • Dr. Charles Kimball, Director of Religious Studies Dept., University of Oklahoma. Author, When Religion Becomes Lethal
  • Dr. Bruce Gourley, Director of Baptist History & Heritage Society
  • Life of the Scholar (LOTS) speakers and events
  • Panel Discussions and Symposiums