Cadet Life

As a cadet progresses through the ROTC program, their responsibilities become greater and greater. For example, freshman may simply be responsible for completing their assigned homework in their Military Science class; on the other hand, a senior who has completed the advanced course may be tasked with giving a military briefing to the other cadets in the program. The ROTC course is divided into two parts; the classroom and the lab. In class, cadets learn leadership and military skills from active duty. During lab, cadets wear the camouflage uniform (provided by ROTC) and practice their leadership and military skills.

However, above all an Army ROTC cadet is a student. A cadet's first priority is always with classes and to complete their degree. One advantage ROTC students enjoy over their military academy colleagues is they receive a traditional college experience. Cadets' lives aren't that dissimilar from other college students. They take jobs at local businesses, join fraternities, and even perform community service. Cadets learn discipline through managing their daily life, not through strict institutionalization. Join us and enjoy it!