Honors Curriculum

A student may be identified as an “Honors Program Graduate” after meeting graduation requirements in an academic department of the University and meeting the requirements of the University Honors Program.

The University Honors Program requires the completion of a minimum of twenty-four hours of course work designated as “Honors.” A minimum of fifteen hours of course work should be completed in the first two years of study. Honors courses in the first two years may be selected from Honors sections of core curriculum offerings, special courses which are offered on an occasional basis for Honors students, or through “Honors Contracts” with faculty teaching regular sections of the college’s overall curriculum.

All Honors students are expected to complete HONR 395, 400, and 401 in their junior or senior years. University Honors Program students are expected to maintain a minimum 3.0 grade point average.

To receive “Honors Program” recognition during commencement exercises, a student must meet the following requirements:

  • Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA;
  • Successfully complete a minimum of 27 hours in Honors courses including HONR 395, 400, 401;
  • Initiate, prepare, present and defend a senior HONORS thesis of at least 40 pages in length;
  • Complete a minimum of 80 hours of community service which contributes to the welfare of the community; and
  • Receive the recommendation of the Honors Committee.