About The Program


The Honors Program seeks to provide academically qualified students of all majors with enriched learning opportunities and classes taught by Honors faculty in an engaging manner.

The Honors Program holds its students to high standards, encourages them to become leaders academically and socially, and urges them to actively engage in service to the community and the University.  It strives to see students grow academically, culturally, spiritually, and socially.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Gardner-Webb University Honors Program is to nurture academically qualified students in all majors by providing a program of enriched learning experiences in courses taught by an Honors faculty and to instill community pride in its members by encouraging students to become active in service-based projects.


To provide:

  1. and encourage opportunities for student-centered learning in Honors core classes
  2. opportunities for cultural enrichment
  3. opportunities and encourage student community involvement
  4. enhancing extra-curricular learning opportunities
  5. an opportunity  for and encourage student research
  6. an opportunity and encourage student involvement and participation in the activities of the North Carolina, Southern Regional and National Honors organizations